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Pink Daisy Vehicle Magnet
Pink Daisy Decorative Car Magnet
Our Price: $9.99
Sale Price: $6.99
Savings: $3.00

Did you or your friends sit on the hood of your car and leave a dent?  Perhaps you set something on the trunk of your car and it was heavier than you thought it was and it left an impression?  YIKES!  While you are waiting on that insurance claim to settle, get this cute pink daisy vehicle magnet with pink faded petals, yellow center, and green Oopsy Daisy words.  It's not like you did it on purpose!
Blue Daisy Vehicle Magnet
Blue Daisy Car Magnet
Our Price: $9.99
Sale Price: $6.99
Savings: $3.00

You may have to come back and buy this magnet again as a gift because your friends and family will want one for their car to cover their dent or scratch.  The Oopsy Daisy comes in three colors, this decorative vehicle magnet is blue with faded petals, yellow center, and green Oopsy Daisy words.
Green Daisy Vehicle Magnet
Green Daisy Vehicle Magnet
Our Price: $9.99
Sale Price: $6.99
Savings: $3.00

You might have an accident on purpose just so you can have an Oopsy Daisy decorative magnet for your car - it's JUST THAT CUTE!  Green faded petals, yellow center, and green Oopsy Daisy words, this vehicle magnet will had just the right amount of "Bling" to your ding.

How to Avoid Dings & Dents in the Parking Lot

You want to protect your car, but the majority of dents, dings and scratches aren't even your fault. They seem to mysteriously appear after a trip to the grocery store or that home-run baseball that went over the fence... and landed on the hood of your car.

Scratches, dings, nicks, dents, those noticeable bits of damage can happen to any car, in any location. You have to prepare for the unexpected and know how to avoid these door dings and other common accidents.

Protect Your Car from Door Dings

  • Park away from other vehicles.
  • If there's an end spot available, that's usually the best spot.
  • Be very aware of the cars parked on either side of you. Do they have plenty of room to swing their doors open without hitting your car? Can you tell by the length of their door?
  • Look at the height of vehicle you are parking next to. Is it similar to yours? Does it have protective rubber door moldings? If your vehicle has protective rubber door moldings, SUV's and truck doors taller than yours could cause dents higher than your moldings can protect.
  • Try to determine if there are passengers in the car you are parking next to. If you are at work - chances are there won't be. If you are at the mall or going out to eat - chances are there will be. Park on the side of the car with no passengers (work).
  • If you have to enter a parking space where another car is crowding one side of the space, you will need to do some quick thinking. Do NOT park crooked if they are parked crooked, you don't know how long they will be in that space and the next person will think you are the one that doesn't know how to park you could end up with dent from the next occupant of that space. Always try to park straight.
  • Does the car next to you have child seats? Parents have to fully extend their doors in order to properly strap their child into their child seats so that might not be the best space for you to park. You could end up with a ding or dent.
  • Educate your children around the car. Kids don't necessarily understand how much cars cost or how big a deal a dent or ding can be. Teach your children to be careful entering and exiting your car, not to play with balls, bikes or other damaging toys around your car.

What do you do if you get a ding, dent, nick or scratch on your car?

Bling Your Ding

Of course you want to "Bling Your Ding"! You can add some pizzazz and personality to what would otherwise be an eyesore! Our decorative car magnets come in a variety of styles and colors and you have your choice of our band-aids, bling words, blings and things, and daisies. There is sure to be a magnet perfect for you and your car.