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Who is Bling Your Ding Inc.?

We want to Bling every unwanted Ding, Dent and Scratch in the free World!

We understand you have auto insurance, but why place a claim against your policy causing the rates to increase? You surely don't want to spend hundreds of dollars for these minor dings, dents, or scratches do you? Add some pizazz, character, and personality to your car's dent, ding, scratch or scratch. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars having these small Boo Boos repaired.

If you go out to your car after watching a movie and notice a small ding where someone opened their door too hard into yours and you notice a dent... what are you going to do? What if you can't get to your SUV in time to stop that rogue shopping cart from crashing into it? Are you going to file a claim for every scratch? Every ding? Every dent? Probably not.

You CAN Bling Your Ding with our snazzy car magnets! Give your car, truck or SUV some personality with daisies, words or band-aids. Like we say "If you've got a Ding, make it Bling!"